Detroiters are the most loyal customers to… the Detorit Three and are also the least likely to buy Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mazda, Subaru or Mitsubishi models, with the Japanese automakers taking just 15 percent of the metro market.

Actually, the Japanese carmakers only in Detroit have less than 29 percent – and the survey gathered data from 51 metro areas to work with. While metro Detroiters are not showing their dissent for the Japan-branded cars by torching or sledge-hammering them, they are instead the most loyal customers to the hometown trio – more than any market in the country. The findings – which are not very surprising, come courtesy of a new survey made by, a Massachusetts-based online car shopping information website. The research was done at dealerships over the past month, with comparisons made in order to determine the level of interest by localization of brands (American, European and Asian) in a total of 51 metro areas. The level of interest was ranked according to the percentage of total inquiries for American brands versus Asian and European.

So, let’s see the five most domestic-centric auto markets: Detroit at 69.5%, followed by Oklahoma City with 58.6%, third was St. Louis at 57.7% and the other two entries were Indianapolis at 57.2% and Pittsburgh with 57.1%. On the other hand, the least “patriotic” areas were San Francisco, San Jose, New York, Los Angeles and Seattle. The top five markets that were loyal to Asian brands were San Jose, Boston, San Francisco, Hartford and Los Angeles. The European strongholds were San Francisco, New York, Miami, San Jose and Los Angeles.



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