US: the most popular color in 2015 was, again, white image

Did you ever own a white car? Then you do know at least one “bar of soap” joke. But truth be told, the color is almost universally the most popular automotive choice.

That’s according to Pittsburgh-based PPG Industries, one of the largest suppliers of paint and other coatings to the auto industry and the traditional author fo a study that highlights hue popularity around the world. For the North America, South America, Europe and Asia Pacific markets, PPG announced that once more white was the color of choice – the study of shades ordered by the global automakers for the 2015 model year models showed 35 percent of all vehicles manufactured worldwide were…white. In North America it took home the top spot with 23 percent of choices, followed by black at 19 percent, gray (17 percent), silver (15 percent), red (10 percent) and blue (8 percent), commented PPG. For the Asia Pacific region the white win was almost unchallenged – with 44 percent, the most for any of the studied regions. Auto production sees traditional colors – white, black, gray and silver – make up about 75 percent of global auto production.

And about 60 percent of vehicle buyers said color was one of the main reasons when they made their decision – for example PPG claims at least 50 percent of interviewed respondents in Europe and the United States said that if their color of choice was not available they would rather wait before opting to buy their second choice. Remember Henry Ford’s anecdotal customer orientation process – “any color, as long as it’s black”? Maybe he should have crossed his strategy and also offer… white.

Via Forbes