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We all know that auto insurance is one of those situations where you don’t like it, but can’t do without – just like some mother in-laws. But fortunately, when it comes to auto insurances, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Naturally, jumping from one auto insurer to another is one way to do it – while motorists should also take into account the studies that point out the difference in costs when it comes to where they live. And another great way to make sure your insurance premium is as low as it gets is to choose the right vehicle. For that end data compiled by shows us the top ten autos that enjoy the lowest annual insurance costs, for a new vehicle, model year 2015. The absolute winner of the category is the Jeep Wrangler Sport – the iconic leisure off-roader will average just $1,134 for a two-door Sport version. Another Jeep follows in the list – it’s the Jeep Patriot Sport 2WD, with an average annual insurance premium of just $1,136. Very close to the Wrangler, so if you need a more spacious model it’s the best choice. Next up on the list we have a great crossover – the Honda CR-V, with an annual average of $1,160. Fourth on the most affordable list of insurance premiums comes a true family vehicle – the Dodge Grand Caravan, which offers a whole lot of car for just $1,162 on average.

Rounding up the top half of the list is the Honda Odyssey, which is just one dollar more expensive on average than the Grand Caravan – meaning the choice of purchase would actually be influenced by other factors when selecting one of the two. Sixth is the Jeep Compass Sport 2WD, with an average annual insurance premium of $1,164. Subaru has been on the run in the US in recent years, and great models such as the Outback are among the reasons – its insurance premium of $1,176 might be one of the factors from now on. Ford’s Edge SE 2WD comes as an alternative with US flair, with a premium averaging $1,186 per year. If you’re mostly a city dweller than you can opt for the smart ForTwo, which has the same average as the Edge. The final entry in the top ten is the Ford Escape S 2WD, with $1,190.

Via Forbes