US: the three cars that make it easy for you to protect your child image

While keeping your child safe when driving a car, in a special seat, might be seen as a major perk for many parents, a recent report from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety showed there are few models that really help them protecting the small ones.

Incredibly, just three vehicle models of more than 100 that were evaluated during the latest analysis nailed the top rating of good for ease of use when it came to the child restraint attachment hardware – with more than 50 percent hitting a marginal or poor mark. The three best models to keep your child safe in are all coming from Europe – the large luxury BMW 5 Series, the large SUV Mercedes-Benz GL Class and the midsize Volkswagen Passat. No less than 45 vehicles were rated marginal, another 10 earned the shameful poor mark and 44 vehicles received an acceptable rating. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is a nonprofit financed by the insurance industry, and while being well known for their crash ratings, this is the first time they offered consumer ratings on how easy a child car seat can be installed.

“The poor-rated vehicles run the gamut of vehicle types from minicars to large pickups. Most glaring is the Toyota Sienna. As a minivan, it’s commonly bought to ferry children,” commented the report. Other best-selling mainstream family cars that received the marginal or poor marks were the Honda Accord, Ford Escape, and Nissan Altima. The group pointed out that “properly installed, age-appropriate child restraints” will yield significantly better results in terms of crash protection to children than just using the vehicle’s normal safety belt.

Via Forbes