US: the UAW continues to strive for exclusive bargain rights at VW plant image

The United Auto Workers union announced it would commence worker training at the factory in Chattanooga, Tennessee that belongs to VW AG in order to form a local version of the latter company’s German-style works council.

The plant in the US is the only facility that belongs to VW that lacks that form of representation – the US law mandates a local union’s implication and the UAW lost at the beginning of the year a ballot to gain exclusive collective bargaining rights. Now, as the union won a critical – yet unconventional victory – with the German company accepting to sign an agreement with the UAW after the latter proved it has a membership of over 45% of the plant’s workers. The settlement includes regular meetings with management on labor issues.

Recently the UAW said that an outside auditor was able to confirm the union’s claim that it was representing at least 45% of the factory workers, achieving the best level in a three-tiered system set up by Volkswagen. Now, the UAW’s regional director in the South, Ray Curry, announced the union aims to create a works council at the factory and would start training members of the Local 42 about the German approach to labor-management relations.

Via Reuters