US: the UAW plans to organize the Mercedes plant in Alabama image

After the failed attempt to organize the Volkswagen owned plant in the US, the UAW goes on undeterred and has announced it would soon come up with a strategy for the unionization of the Mercedes-Benz factory in Alabama.

The United Auto Workers union, through Gary Casteel, its newly elected secretary-treasurer, has announced the UAW would shed light on its plans for the Daimler manufacturing facility as soon as next week.

Casteel, 56, was elected by new UAW President Dennis Williams to head the efforts to organize workers at the plant in Tuscaloosa, Alabama – as the union tries to strengthen its dwindling membership base by adding employees from foreign-owned automotive plants – mainly located in the anti-union South.

“They want to have an election right away,” said Williams about pro-union workers in Alabama. “We perceive it that we have more building to do there.”

On the other hand, just as the UAW is announcing a change of strategy on the organization of workers at the Mercedes facility, and later on the Nissan plant in Canton, Mississippi, anti-UAW leaders at the Daimler factory say the UAW would only have around “25 to 30 percent of plant workers, at the most” – if an election was held today.

Via Reuters