US: these are Consumer Reports’ worst vehicles image

The highly coveted and influential magazine has been keeping the headlines these days after awarding the perfect score to the Tesla Model S (they even went off chart before recalculating their scoring procedure).

But lost in all that hype is the fact that every list has a bottom and while we should be looking at the top to see who’s the best we should also keep an eye on the “cellar” to avoid buying those possible “clunkers”. According to CR, the four worst vehicles of the year are the Chrysler 200, Land Rover Discovery Sport, Lexus NX 200t/300h and Kia Sedona. They even separated them from the platoon during their annual analysis of the year’s new vehicle introductions. The new Chrysler 200 could be the most disappointing introduction to the “cellar” list as it has been highlighted as being considerably improved compared to its predecessor. The editors said the drastic design improvement and quality enhancements are not enough to get you past the “raspy” four cylinder engine, the balky gearbox and a “klutzy” handling package, while the back space is not enough to accommodate adults comfortably. The Land Rover Discovery Sport comes with a “flat footed” engine and a subpar gearbox, handling is “lumbering,” and the infotainment system is “old school”.

The hotly selling NX 200t/300h SUV was also not very popular with the editors which compared the model to Toyota’s RAV4 and said the mass-market unit nailed the SUV traits better. “Some interior bits feel cheap, and the infotainment system’s touchpad is challenging to manipulate while driving. Lexus can do better,” were among the notes. Kia’s Sedona minivan also earned a shameful place, with critiques going to the ride and handling as well as to the general feel of cheap manufacturing, while interior flexibility was not up to the segment.