US: these cars should last forever…or at least 250,000 miles image

Buying a new vehicle can be a pain – but buying a new vehicle that will bring you pain throughout its lifetime of usage could be apocalyptic. So, you should heed professional advice and buy vehicles that last, and then last some more.

You don’t need to take our word for granted, but you might heed the advice from the influential US magazine Consumer Reports, which has a host of studies each year – letting on numerous occasions the buyers have the final word about their new and precious cars. First off, we decided to see ten cars that have a reliability score well above the average and thus make sure that most likely they would keep going long after the owner decides it’s time for a new ride all over again. Such models are also highly recommendable as used car choices because you can usually rest assured they would have no problems if you’re the second or even third owner.

The Scion xB has Consumer Reports pitting it at 81 percent above the average – it’s going to receive a welcomed retirement soon but will enjoy a long lease of life long after that on the used car market. Following is the best sold passenger car in the US – the ubiquitous Toyota Camry/Camry Hybrid with reliability 66 percent above the average. If you’re into buying a luxury ride the first model you should see is the Lexus ES 350/450h that enjoys a dashing score in terms of reliability as well – 63 percent above average. The largest automaker in the world – Toyota – keeps putting its models in this top with the iconic Prius hybrid, which needs no recommendations today (again 63 percent above average). The Subaru Forester is in fifth place with 62 percent above average. The Audi Allroad is the first European model to break the mark at 61 percent above average. The Volkswagen Passat comes next – a German style sedan produced in the US and with reliability 59 percent above average. The Mazda6 follows with 57 percent above average. Next up is the Lexus RX 350/450h (57 percent) and last, but not least is the Toyota Sienna minivan – 55 percent above average.