US: this is 2014’s most stolen vehicle image

Ladies and gentlemen, the annual top pick for the “grand theft auto” experts is the Honda Accord, billed by the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s traditional report as the most stolen vehicle in America last year.

The NCIB’s yearly “Hot Wheels” report has the Accord taking the unwanted top spot – thus earning the dubious honor of being highly popular both among consumers and criminals. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s study, the Accord was stolen 51,290 times in 2014, followed by the Honda Civic (43,936) and Ford F-Series (28,680), for the top three. And the drivers of Accord and Civics might want to secure their vehicles better because they also won the one-two placement in 2013. Fortunately, the statistics also show the GTA has fallen out of popularity for some time now. The Federal Bureau of Investigation says auto thefts are down 3.3% from 2012 to 2013, though they were slightly on the rise back in 2012. The absolute peak for auto thefts has been back in 1991 and in the 23 years since they have been on a sloping path, losing 58 percent of momentum through 2013, according to the NICB.

As far as the rest of the “most stolen list”, here go the choices: Chevrolet pickups (23,196); Toyota Camry (14,605), Dodge pickups (11,075); Dodge Caravan (10,483); Nissan Altima (9,109); Acura Integra (6,902) and Nissan Maxima (6,586). In terms of most stolen new cars, the NICB this time around puts the Ford F-Series (964 thefts), followed by the Toyota Camry (869); Ford Fusion (819); Chevrolet Impala (746) and Nissan Altima (687).