While gasoline prices across the nation are consistently lower than they were last year during this period, the truth is they have been advancing relentlessly since the start of the year – so some fuel-saving tips are naturally in order.

If you want to have just in time useful and sometimes surprising fuel saving tips, you can always try the fueleconomy.gov website, the one to go when it comes to information on fuel economy. For example, one surprising information might be that in the long run, it’s more efficient to drive with the air conditioning turned on than having the windows opened, even if the AC increases fuel consumption. That’s usually relevant when driving at highway speeds – the opened windows affect negatively the vehicle’s aerodynamics, increasing drag – not to mention the decrease in the level of comfort due to wind and noise.

There are also numerous other relevant or interesting tips on how to save fuel when turning your attention to the year’s long summer drive. Among them, we have the usual array of get your car in check before driving off – old filters or uneven pressure in the car’s tires can have tremendous impact if you’re planning a long trip. Then there are the sensible ones – whenever possible, park your car in the shade. And after you first drive off, do let the windows open for one or two minutes to vent the hot air from inside the vehicle. For the mileage conscious that have plug-in hybrids or even electric cars, we should remind them to have the car cooled while still attached to the grid – they will get in a nice, cool environment when they drive off and also won’t drain the battery too much even before making a mile.



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