US: top states to speed and drive recklessly – or not image

Some of the US states are more strict than others when it comes to enforcing speeding and reckless driving laws – as many drivers that crossed state borders and acted as if at home would know firsthand.

But here’s an easier way to find out about the chances of being slapped with a few cool hours in the slammer if indulging in some motorist action that goes beyond the letter of the law. We have the list of strictest and in turn most lenient states when it comes to both speeding and reckless driving. At the top of the “no-no” list sits Colorado while at the other end of the road is Texas, says a new study – with the latter being of no surprise since it has the fastest legal freeway in the US. According to financial website, officially there is no state mandate for compulsory jail time when speeding – but in some instances if you push enough you’ll get pushed behind the bars. After Colorado, the strictest states were: Arizona, Delaware and Illinois, tied for second; New Mexico; Virginia; Iowa and Massachusetts. It’s interesting to note that in Illionois if a driver goes 40 mph over the speed limit he will become automatically guilty of a Class A misdemeanor, which could translate into a suspended or revoked license, next to the fine and jail time.

Additionally, three quarters of US states have so-called “absolute speed limits,” when just passing by one mile per hour above that threshold would land you a moving violation. The average maximum ticket for reckless driving is $742 and the lowest can go down to $100 in Kentucky, Mississippi and New Mexico, though on the other hand it can also jump to $5,000 in Washington State. The most lenient, next toTexas, were found to be: Kentucky, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, Ohio and South Dakota.