Globalization is the general setup and urbanization is the specific derivative – the world today has never been more centralized and urbanized. The best way to see its effects – try to commute from work in the evening in one of those crowded cities.

We’ve just explored industrialization for a few hundred years, and automotive transportation has just passed its maternity stage on a historic scale – but we’re already seeing how our biggest cities can’t seem to handle the amount of personal vehicles. There are numerous alternatives, a always, ranging from public transportation, bicycles to Uber’s car-sharing. But how about those times that you don’t have any alternative except drive your personal car to and from work? If you can’t avoid that, at least try to do so with the entrants on the following list, which shows us the top ten US cities that have the worst evening commute.

First and foremost on our list is the City of Angles, topping the annual TomTom traffic index for having the absolute worst evening commute in the United States – which also leads to the worst traffic overall – posting an average p.m. congestion rate of 80 percent. Second is San Jose, with the average evening congestion level firmly at 75 percent. Third comes Seattle, with a narrow loss to the second place as it posted a 74 percent average evening congestion rate. Following are Honolulu (68 percent) and Houston at the same threshold to round up the top five. The other entries are: San Francisco (68 percent); Portland (61 percent); Austin (61 percent); Atlanta (59 percent) and Chicago, again at 59 percent.

Via Forbes


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