US: Toyota chooses just eight stores for the Mirai fuel cell image

The world’s largest automaker, Japan’s Toyota, has decided that only eight stores in the United States will be able to sell the new Mirai hydrogen car, all of them located in the greenest state – California.

The Mirai hydrogen fuel cell-powered car will make its official sales debut later on this fall in the US, being a global model that will also reach customers in Japan or Europe. The initial batch of eight stores taking care of Mirai sales in the US are the  San Francisco Toyota, Roseville Toyota, Stevens Creek Toyota and Toyota of Sunnyvale in the San Francisco bay area and Longo Toyota, Toyota Santa Monica, Toyota of Orange and Tustin Toyota, all nearing Los Angeles. The model will also have a different sales strategy – the dealers will not make stocks of the valued model – instead customers choose one online and then just complete the deal at their dealership of choice. The move comes to ensure the Mirai will not sit on lots and also because of the limited production schedule of the model. Toyota has explained it has decided to cap production to around 3,000 units per year – for all global markets – by 2017 because of technical issues that impede a larger production scale.

Toyota explained the company only chose eight US dealerships because they needed outlets that had experience in selling hybrids and electrics and also ones close to hydrogen refilling stations. Toyota has decided to turn away from developing and marketing battery-driven electric cars, instead betting all on the hydrogen technology. Now, the biggest challenge is having the appropriate infrastructure, which is slowly building up in the US, Japan and even Europe.

Via Automotive News