US: Toyota introducing affordable auto braking safety packs image

Toyota Motor Sales USA Inc, the local division of Toyota Motor Corp, the largest automaker in the world, recently announced it would bring low-cost automated braking safety features for US customers.

The affordable safety packages will become optional on Toyota and Lexus models before the end of 2017 and the upcoming, new-generation braking system, will be introduced together with the first of the kind RAV4 Hybrid SUV and the fourth-generation RX luxury crossover SUV – both models being on display during the New York Auto Show this week. Dubbed the Toyota Safety Sense and Lexus Safety Systems +, the technology will assist drivers in lifting awareness and are said to be able to anticipate even hazards that casual drivers would miss. Toyota owners will have to pay for the system between $300 and $500, while Lexus buyers pay the premium and will need to give between $500 and $635.

The new tech will have the advantages of being able to stop or at least lower the impact in case of a rear collision, will also keep the vehicles in their lanes and enhance safety during night driving. The systems use a camera and laser radar to detect objects in front of the vehicles and if a probable collision is detected it will employ audio chimes and a visual alert. If those attract the driver’s attention, when the user breaks the system assists him by adding increased power to the system. The lane departure warning has the usual camera to detect if the vehicle breaks lane and a variation of the Safety Sense package also uses a radar and camera ensemble to detect pedestrians that might interfere with the car’s path.