US: Toyota mulls sales advance of 100,000 units in 2014 image

The Japanese automaker, the world’s largest carmaker, has made its predictions for the industry-wide sales in the United States: deliveries of 16.3 million vehicles, up 5% from 2013.

According to Bob Carter, Toyota Motor Sales senior vice president for automotive operations, the company also forecasts US advances for its own sales figures of 100,000 units over the data accounted in 2013. The executive, during a speech in New York, commented that their forecast for growth is slightly more conservative than in the past few years, even as the sales advance are driven by a steady rise in the overall economy, positive market conditions and pent-up demand from the first years after the recession ended.

“Leases made up 20% of new-vehicle registrations in 2013 and that trend continues this year, setting up returning customers again two years or more down the road,” Carter said. “In addition, younger buyers are entering the market in bigger numbers. We’re firing on all cylinders and Toyota is in a great position to grow by 100,000 units to 2.3 million vehicles this year,” he added.

July deliveries of Toyota, Lexus and Scion vehicles reached 216,000, a jump of 11.6% that thoroughly outpaced the overall advance of the industry. The RAV4 SUV grew its sales by 37%, while the Camry and its smaller brethren Corolla also had double digit climbs.