US: Toyota plans a Scion line overhaul image

After it was introduced as an experimental brand designed to attract younger buyers through design and lower prices, Toyota’s Scion slowing sales mean the strategy needs to be rethought.

As the rather young brand is facing “adolescence”, Toyota is planning a full line-up overhaul – beginning with 2015, when the Japanese automaker’s third US brand would reach its 12 years anniversary.

According to Doug Murtha, vice president of Scion sales, the company will continue to offer five different models, but without saying which would be discontinued, he disclosed that three of them would be all-new.

“Beginning in November in Los Angeles, we’re going to show the first of three new products that will come to market within a 24-month period,” Murtha said. “Beyond that, there are no real specifics on what’s going to sunset and what’s going to stick around.”

“There’s been a little wait involved,” he said. But, new additions underline “the company’s commitment to not be done with the experiment, to put some resources behind it and continue what we started 11 years ago.”

After it was introduced in 2003, the brand’s sales peaked at 173,034 cars in 2006, but now the aging model line-up, consisting of xB wagons, xD hatchbacks, and tC and FR-S sport coupes dropped to only 68,321 units in 2013.

Via Bloomberg