Although America is usually seen as the land of big SUV’s and pick-up trucks, the actual top spot of any model is usually held by a rather uninspiring but perennial midsize sedan – Toyota’s Camry.

Now, in recent years Nissan’s Altima, Honda’s Accord or the very successful Ford Fusion have increasingly threatened the important position. Camry still holds first place in January’s sales, but it went down 27%, staying roughly 800 units ahead of the Nissan Altima, while Ford’s Fusion snatched third place in the very important mid-sized car segment from the long time runner up to the first place – Honda Accord.

Now, Toyota has decided to fight back the ailing performance with the Camry Hybrid SE Limited Edition, limited to 5,000 units and slotted to run from February to June 2014. The new Camry Hybrid SE Limited Edition is energized by a 2.5-liter, four-cylinder engine and the Hybrid Synergy drive system that sees a nickel metal hydride battery powering up an additional electric motor for a total system output of 200 HP.

The Limited Edition has been rated by the US EPA at 40 mpg (5.88 l/100 km) for city use, has a MSRP price of $27,845 and comes equipped with many features from the usual Camry SE model. There is also an optionally available upgrade package for $2,215, which includes a sunroof and Display Audio with Navigation and Entune Apps Suite.


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