US: Toyota’s voice system the best, finds AAA study image

Yesterday we told you about AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety’s focusing on Apple’s Siri. Now, it’s time to find out who is the least attention disrupting system made by an automaker.

According to the report, Toyota’s voice-activated system is the least distracting, causing for drivers no more “inattention blindness” than an audio book. On the other hand, the systems from the batch of six automakers saw General Motors’ Chevrolet MyLink fare the worst.

“The bad news is that we saw rather simple systems that are voice activated score in that high level of cognitive distraction,” said Peter Kissinger, the foundation’s president.. “We found that when there wasn’t perfect translation and the system had difficulty communicating back with the driver, then drivers get frustrated, which tended to increase time spent getting the task accomplished, which increased workload, which increased cognitive distraction.”

Toyota’s Entune system was the winner, with a score of 1.7 on a scale of driver disruption that can go up to 5 – that being the level where the driver would be distracted the most. The other systems tested included Hyundai’s Blue Link (2.2), Chrysler’s Uconnect (2.7), Ford’s SYNC with MyFord Touch (3), Mercedes-Benz’s COMAND (3.1) and GM’s MyLink (3.7).

Via Bloomberg