US Traffic Deaths Increased This Year image

According to the NHTSA last year traffic deaths in the US fell 1.9%, but have increased this year.

Recently, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said that traffic deaths dropped 1.9% to 32,367 last year, reaching the lowest level since 1949 and 26% since 2005.

“The latest numbers show how the tireless work of our safety agencies and partners, coupled with significant advances in technology and continued public education, can really make a difference on our roadways,” said Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.

The NHTSA added that 2011 was also the year with the lowest fatality rate ever recorded, 1.1 deaths per 100 million vehicle miles traveled the entire year, a decrease from 1.11 deaths per 100 million vehicle miles in 2010. Unfortunately, data shows that during the first half of this year traffic deaths increased 9%, the largest increase since 1975, when the government began collecting data on car accidents.

During the first six months of 2012, almost 6,290 people died in car crashes, the highest level since 2009. From January to March traffic deaths increased 13.4% due to the unseasonably warm winter, and 5.4% in the second quarter. The increase of traffic deaths is also attributable to the rise in vehicle travel, about 15.6 billion miles, or 1.1%, from January to June.