US: two senators want data security vehicle ratings image

A couple of US senators have come up with a proposition that would involve new-vehicle stickers that also have a “cyber dashboard” with ratings for the included security systems.

Those security systems would be included with the purchase and target hackers that would attempt to tamper with the privacy controls on vehicle data in cars and light trucks. Senators Ed Markey and Richard Blumenthal commented during a Senate Commerce Committee hearing on the proposed bill, adding that if passed it would also include a mandate for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Federal Trade Commission to introduce new regulations that force all new vehicles to embed minimum data privacy and security protocols – with the ratings then based on those rules. The new legislation also addresses the problem of “personal driving information” usage for advertising and marketing purposes, according to a joint statement from the senators.

Buyers of new cars could also choose whether their data can be collected (without tampering with the ability to use a vehicle’s navigation system), becoming “explicitly aware of data collection, transmission and use.” Additional security measures would include the protection of all wireless access points in a car, the encryption of all driving data collected by the car – with the producer able to detect, report and respond in real time to any hacking attempt. The upcoming legislation is coming swiftly after Markey released the findings of a research study this week, in which he says most vehicles are susceptible to hacker attacks via the included wireless connectivity – while carmakers have so far been unable to come up with a standardized set of rules regarding data protection.

Via Automotive News