US: UAW boss cites outside interference in VW plant vote image

Bob King, the leader of the United Automobile Workers publicly acknowledged its appeal against the result of the vote at VW’s US plant would focus on the actions of outsiders, not on the company.

UAW’s president made a clear reference to the remarks made by Senator Bob Corker, a public critic of the UAW and its involvement into the US South – a region that has no union implication.

The US National Labor Relations Board was asked by the UAW to investigate the results of the vote at Volkswagen’s Chattanooga, Tennessee plant, in which the workers rejected UAW’s representation, citing “interference by politicians and outside special interest groups.”

UAW President Bob King said, “Corporate VW acted with great integrity,” before last week’s election. “Our issue is really with outside third parties trying to threaten and intimidate both the company and workers,” King added. “It was certainly not the company.”

While the company decidedly said it would remain neutral, it did allow the union to use its facilities at the plant, in a sign of clear cooperation.

Via Reuters