US: UAW challenges VW plant vote result image

Following the result of last week’s vote in which the workers at VW’s US auto plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, decided to decline unionization, the losing party – UAW – has decided to file an appeal with the US government.

According to the United Auto Workers union, the US National Labor Relations Board is set to start an investigation the election and then decide on whether to cancel the result and call for a new one, citing “interference by politicians and outside special interest groups.”

Meanwhile, US senator Bob Corker, an over the face opposer of union involvement in the US South, has issued a statement, declaring himself “disappointed” by the UAW appeal.

“The UAW is only interested in its own survival and not the interests of the great employees at Chattanooga’s Volkswagen facility nor the company for which they work,” he said.

The heated battle between Republican politicians and the UAW had Corker as one of its most vocal critics, so the appeal calls the senator’s “bed side” manners “shameful and undertaken with utter disregard for the rights of the citizens of Tennessee and surrounding states that work at Volkswagen.”

Meanwhile, Labor lawyers and academics expressed in their opinions on the matters that UAW’s case would be a hard one, as labor law sets no boundaries on what can be said by politicians in union election campaigns – provided that it’s their own opinion and not that of the company’s management.

Via Reuters