US: UAW decides ratification process of FCA deal should last just two days image

The US union has announced the decision to have all 40,000 rank and file members at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles vote on the renegotiated contract in the span of just two days – October 20 and 21.

This comes as a major change from the process of the last balloting that resulted in a rejection from around two thirds of members, with UAW President Dennis Williams adding after the new deal was inked that he wanted the four-year contract to be voted after a longer period of “digestion”. “All of the locals get the same amount of time to dig into the agreement,” comments Kristin Dziczek, labor analyst with the Center for Automotive Research. “They get to see what’s changed, and ask questions,” and condensing the voting period was a smart move. In past ratification processes, those voting early on were influencing those casting the ballot as much as a week later.

The renegotiated proposed pact has addressed some of the shortcomings that prompted workers to reject by a nearly 2-to-1 margin the agreement reached last month. In the span of eight years from hiring workers could reach the highest UAW wage, at around $29 per hour. That’s a big difference to the period before 2007 when a unionized worker would need three years from first day to top salary. The new contract is also set to end the two-tier pay structure though a wage gap between more experienced veteran workers and recent hires would remain in place.

Via Automotive News