The tentative UAW – FCA contract agreement ratification process is still a few hours away from conclusion as the results from some key assembly factories have not been factored in.

But experts and analysts alike believe the chances of ratification are slimmer as hours go by and treading on increasingly shaking ground – so the UAW officials are already taking measures to address a potential collapse. The Chrysler leaders have been called to order to Warren on Thursday afternoon to make appropriate strategies if they need to patch up things with the enraged members and then decide how to move forward. If the proposed contract sill receives approval, the union will still have to deal with the anger and frustration showcased over the few past days by disgruntled members. If the deal goes south this would be the first time the Auburn Hills automaker gets a slap on the wrist since 1982. A rejection would also have UAW President Dennis Williams and his leadership team in a political conundrum and with no strategy to consider.

But with the results coming in from the crucial assembly plants in Toledo and Sterling Heights reportedly showing an overwhelmingly “no” vote, the analysis done by US media mostly indicates the contract is not going to receive majority approval from the 40,000 union-represented workers at Fiat Chrysler. At UAW Local 1700 in Sterling Heights, 72 percent of production personnel and 65% of skilled trades workers voted “no”. Meanwhile, an even higher percentage rejected the deal at UAW Local 12 in Toledo as the workers felt betrayed by the decision of CEO Sergio Marchionne to relocated production of the Jeep Cherokee.



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