US: UAW gets strike authorization from GM and FCA US workers image

After late last week the union members of the UAW-Chrysler Department authorized their leaders to strike if necessary, the same result was recorded in the UAW-GM unit’s case, according to UAW Vice President Cindy Estrada.

The strike authorizations came with overwhelming support – in both cases 97 percent of the unionized members of the two US automakers gave a positive feedback to the idea of using a strike as a means of negotiation if needed. The strike votes are simply procedural measures taken by the union members at all three carmakers and won’t force such an action if it isn’t needed. But what’s more important for the UAW union is that it’s the first time since 2007 the members can go on a strike against either General Motors or Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. “The resounding ‘yes’ vote enables your elected bargaining committee to leverage for the best agreement possible,” commented Estrada in a letter sent Monday to members and posted on the UAW-GM Facebook page. Ford’s hourly employee strike authorization vote has not been released yet.

With the contracts for the UAW union members working for GM, Ford and FCA US set to expire in a fortnight, the ongoing negotiations are running their course, with numerous meetings over the span of the following days. Last week the union has presented their demands for the upcoming four-year contract and the negotiations are expected to iron ought any asperities over salaries, health care, manufacturing issues, product introductions and job safeguarding.