One of the main negotiators for the United Auto Workers union has commented about the union’s upcoming deal with Ford, the second largest US automaker.

He claims the tentative proposal negotiated with Ford would include a higher flexibility and would be different from the FCA contract in order to cater for the company’s particular issues and needs. “I am updating you on where we currently are in the negotiation process. I understand that this process has taken longer than expected, ” commented in a note addressed to rank and file members by Jimmy Settles, the vice president negotiating with Ford. He added it was “imperative that you keep in mind” the FCA was chosen as a lead company but the proceeds were only a pattern and the tentative pact with Ford would cater for their specific needs. Settles added the upcoming deal would seek to alleviate concerns with the current contract and secure gains for the employees. The one point common to the FCA pact would be the eight year path for workers now in the second, lower paid tier to reach the veteran one.

Further on, the Ford specific issues include the automaker’s commitment to increase its scope and investment in plants located in Mexico – the company announced earlier it was relocating the production of the Focus and C-Max compacts to an undisclosed location that union officials say it was in Mexico. Settles added the UAW wanted to reach an agreement that “provides long-term job security for all current and future UAW-Ford members.”



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