US: Uber claims car-sharing services lower drunk driving cases image

Uber Technologies, the most highly valued technology startup in the US, believes its ride-hailing services – and those offered by its competitors – can help alleviate a common issue – drunk driving.

The ride service has been expanding around the world recently – but has found that opposition is restless and faces numerous legal hurdles around the globe and even at home in the US. Valued at around $40 billion by investors, the company has been keen on focusing on worldwide expansion – even if the legal challenges encountered have sometimes required the company to divert from its core business strategy. Now the company has unveiled a recent survey that points out to the support provided by car-sharing service providers towards alleviating the drunk driving problem – since they can use a simple smartphone application to call a ride the drivers are less likely to go home in their own car after drinking.

The research was conducted with the help of the advocacy group Mothers Against Drunk Driving, and used a December poll of 807 adults in the biggest cities where Uber offers its services. In the US, the most well known ride-hailing service providers are Uber and Lyft and both have engaged in a “turf” war with detractors – often led by taxi and limousine companies because their businesses are challenged by the new entrants. The company also released an analysis of data coming from the California Highway Patrol that covered 17 Uber markets in the state during 2011 to 2013, with the company pointing out that California cities where its affordable UberX service is available had a 6.5% drop in drunk-driving accidents of adults under the age of 30.

Via Reuters

  • Car-free in DC

    Should have surveyed how they got to their destination, right? If they are opting for uber, lyft and taxis to go home it may be because they opted for public transportation or car-sharing services like car2go which is point A to Point B Travel. The report doesn't indicate whether they purposely chose to leave their car where the drinking occurred which for most urban cities, you probably can't because of parking restrictions. Maybe those cities have stronger public transportation options and other services which facilitates the ability to opt for a taxi ride home. And I don't think Uber should be classified as "car-sharing" like car2go and zipcar, its "ride-sharing" or just a "ride-hailing" service"…But its always good news to hear that Drunk driving is down!