US: Uber decides to assess its safety program amid increased scrutiny image

Uber Technologies Inc., the well-known San Francisco-based company that provides car-sharing services around the world, has announced it started a review of its internal safety scrutiny programs.

The technology startup has grown exponentially since its inception, back in 2010, with recent fund gatherings seeing investors value the business at around $40 billion – even more than traditional global automakers. But the service provider has been very controversial, attracting numerous protests from disgruntled taxi and limo services and getting numerous bans from municipalities across the world. Their latest issue has to do with the mounting questions about the way it screens drivers before accepting them as collaborators.

Now, the mobile car-booking company has tapped former Inc. executive Tim Collins to become the chief for Uber’s global support, according to a blog post coming from Philip Cardenas, Uber’s head of global safety. “We are reminded by the recent tragic event in India that best-in-class safety must be a constant quest,” Cardenas wrote.The investigation into the safety practices would therefore determine where greater investments are needed, which include technology upgrades, further background checks and even incident-response teams that can be called for support, according to the company – the largest valued technology startup in the United States.

Via Bloomberg