One of the numerous drivers operating for Uber Technologies Inc. in the home city of San Francisco has been charged with misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter, according to a spokesperson for municipality’s district attorney.

The driver of the ride sharing company hit and killed a six-year-old girl that was crossing a San Francisco street last New Year’s eve and he was arrested yesterday after Uber was hit with a wrongful death lawsuit in January. The smartphone app-based, on-demand ride hailing company could see this as the latest in a series of setbacks – the company, which is now expanding globally – has been trying to convince regulators around the world that its transportation service is safe. The company and its numerous rivals have been severely criticized in some cities by local authorities and/or taxi and limousine services because its drivers usually lack taxi or limousine licenses.

Portland, Oregon, for example just yesterday brought charges of licensing violations in a lawsuit that aims to ban the company from operating in the city – three days after Uber opened to business there. Earlier today we also told you about Rio’s transport authorities that called the transportation service and yesterday we told you that one of Uber’s drivers was accused of raping a client in the Indian capital of New Delhi.

Via Bloomberg


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