US: vehicle-to-vehicle communication rules coming sooner image

The federal rules that will introduce mandatory equipment designed to enable new cars and trucks have vehicle to vehicle communication systems will be announced earlier than previewed as the government seeks to hasten the sector of connected-car technologies.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has issued a strategy that would see proposals regarding the V2V rules presented before 2016 instead of next year as they were earlier announced, according to a statement coming from US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx. The Transportation Department is also aiming to deliver a strategy that would see testing implemented to discover if the wireless connections of connected cars and the used bandwidth can be shared with other wireless devices. “Connected, automated vehicles that can sense the environment around them and communicate with other vehicles and with infrastructure have the potential to revolutionize road safety and save thousands of lives,” commented Foxx in the statement. Automakers in turn have responded positively to the bid to hasten the development of the technology, with a group of automakers agreeing the lifesaving technology needs to be deployed sooner than later.

Still, a mandate on vehicle to vehicle communication – or V2V – is more than likely years away, even if the government wants to get the technology on the road as quickly as possible. US regulators, automakers and industry experts believe the V2V could become a breakthrough in road safety – with the communication able to assess and even anticipate the likelihood of an impending collision. According to forecasts, in the US alone the technology could save at least 1,000 lives each year and prevent 600,000 accidents.

Via Automotive News