US: Visteon to remain a highly focused supplier after CEO departure image

The company’s current chief executive officer is scheduled to leave office late this year, and Tim Leuliette is mulling to leave Visteon as an enterprise implicated in one – albeit expanding – major product segment, cockpit electronics.

The current implication is a radical change from the times when Visteon was Ford’s in-house parts unit when it had a vast – but disjointed – range of offerings. The company became independent back in 2000 and it was producing glass, climate control modules, bumpers, fuel tanks, axles, steering components, in-vehicle entertainment, navigation systems, headlights and powertrain cooling systems. Now its portfolio includes instrument clusters, infotainment displays, vehicle security systems – and the underlying software for all these parts. In the latter part is actually where the money is today poured, with Leuliette having around 50 percent of Visteon’s 4,000 engineers working as software developers. The expertise translated into the company’s display in January at International CES in Las Vegas – they showcased reconfigurable instrument clusters that could gain new looks as the car’s owner downloaded updates.

According to analysts and industry experts, automakers value a great lot such expertise displayed by Visteon – particularly the ability to seamlessly blend in hardware and software, with the supplier showcasing a harmonious package consisting of a vehicle’s instrument cluster, center console and head-up display. Leuliette, named chief executive back in 2012, simply fastened a bid to narrow the company’s expansive product lineup. Visteon sold last year its interiors division and just earlier this year it also got rid of its climate control unit, inking a $3.6 billion cash deal.

Via Automotive News