US: Volkswagen proposed a recall plan for the 2.0-litre diesel engine image

The automaker presented its recall plan to the California Air Resources Board, but only for the 2.0-litre diesel vehicles. The agency has 20 business days to respond.

After two months from the US Environmental Protection Agency disclosure of the cheating scheme, Volkswagen has finally submitted a recall plan to Californian regulators. “Volkswagen provided to EPA and CARB its initial proposal for addressing the emissions problems in the company’s 2.0-liter diesel vehicles listed in EPA’s September 18th Notice of Violation,” the federal agency said Friday in a statement. “EPA and CARB will review the proposal,” but further details of the solution were not revealed.

On September 18, CARB, along with the US Environmental Protection Agency, notified Volkswagen that they were in violation of California and federal clean air laws because they had hidden software in their diesel cars that allowed those vehicles to pass emissions tests in the laboratory while producing much higher levels of pollution when they drove outside the laboratory, during normal driving.

The authorities had given the German automaker a deadline for November 20 to come up with a solution for the 482,000 affected diesel cars in the US, and now EPA has 20 business days to respond. “Based on ARB’s review, VW may be required to revise and resubmit all, or specific elements of the recall plan,” the board said in an e-mailed statement. “ARB will also consult with US EPA during this process to develop a national recall plan.”

But it is still a long way ahead for Volkswagen, as the US regulators has recently announced that they will also inspect every Volkswagen and Audi car powered by the 3.0-litre diesel engine, from years 2009 through to 2016. This twist adds another 85,000 VW, Audi and Porsche vehicles to an already huge scandal.

Via Bloomberg