US: Volkswagen ready to deliver new concept vehicle during CES image

The scandal-torn German automaker – once among the pillars of the country’s technological prowess – is trying to make up for the image loss in any way it can, including delivering new concepts.

In earnest, most likely the all-new concept we’re about to see during January’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was cooked long before the emissions scam was unveiled and most likely by a completely different set of people. But we still can’t have any news regarding VW without asking the question – will this be real or fake? Anyways, the Consumer Technology Association has recently said Volkswagen’s Chairman of the Board of Management of the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand – in short the big boss Herbert Diess – will be among the keynote speakers at the CES event where they will also showcase that surprise concept. Apparently Diess’ speech on January 5 will include the official reveal of a “groundbreaking electric vehicle that will further illustrate the synergy between the Internet of Things and the automotive industry.” No more details are known so far except the fact it will also feature numerous safety technologies.

By the way, Consumer Technology Association President Gary Shapiro said “when we agreed to a Volkswagen keynote earlier this year we, along with the world, did not know much about emissions testing” but they now decided to allow the planned address as they believed participants “would be interested in his vision and curious about his plans for a new type of sustainable car.” Diess will only be one among the crop of auto chiefs present in Las Vegas – among them GM CEO Mary Barra and Audi executives that will also showcase their own mysterious prototype.