US: VW stops dealers from selling some 2014 cars image

With GM in the midst of a recall scandal as big as Toyota’s acceleration issue, no automaker can be too careful, so Volkswagen decided to tell dealers to stop selling some models because of an oil leak problem.

Without being a recall, this is a preemptive step from VW to ensure cars would not get to their customers with any fault. The German company announced it would not deliver around 27,000 units of the 2014 model year Jetta, Beetle, Beetle Convertible and Passat until it fixes a potential transmission oil leak – the cars affected being only the ones equipped with 1.8-liter engines and automatic transmission.

The automaker said no cars outside the Americas were affected and that of the vehicles, 2,000 are in Canada and the rest in the US – and while the defect until now didn’t cause any accident, fire or injury, the company would move to contact federal safety regulators and notify the customers who already purchased the cars with the problem.

VW also explained the nature of the problem, which could under extreme conditions pose a fire risk: an o-ring connecting the transmission cooler to the main part is defective and could leak fluid. Only cars made after February 1st have been known to potentially be equipped with the faulty piece.

Via Reuters