Back in 2008 when VW unveiled the US Spec. Tiguan, the automaker promised that a diesel Tiguan for the US market is under consideration. However, nothing was done in this direction, and at this moment, the US market is still stuck with the petrol version of this little SUV.

However, increasing demand for diesel engines could force Volkswagen to offer a TDI variant.

According to VW product planner John Ryan, the problem isn’t due to lack of customer interest, far from it in fact.

“Everybody is asking for one,” he says. “Dealers are asking, customers are asking.” No doubt interest in a diesel Tiguan has been spurred by rising gas prices across the U.S. this year.

The 2.0-liter TDI engine in the Golf and Jetta would have to be fitted with the expensive urea-based catalyst system to meet U.S. emission standards. While the company already uses that type of system on the Touareg TDI, the cost would make a Tiguan TDI a bit overpriced.

The AdBlue systems used on the Passat and Toureg TDI versions are an alternative option, but it is difficult to make it work for the Tiguans’ price range.

The other problem is being able to build enough of them to satisfy demand. Given that Tiguans for our market are imported for Europe and most home market sales are diesels, the largest market needs feeding first, which could hamper availability for American buyers.

Despite the problems, Ryan hinted that Volkswagen might iron out the obstacles when the next-generation Tiguan is introduced in 2015.


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