US: websites can make car buying easier image

Long gone are the days when you needed an engineers’ degree to know anything about cars. Thanks to the Internet, today we have an abundance of information that makes any choice easier – even if it involves shopping for a brand new car.

The car-buying process used to be a mysterious and hard to nail endeavor, that included talks to your friends, family and colleagues – or long days at the library researching technical information, before finally stepping into the showrooms.

Now, you can use the Internet and access a variety of auto related websites. While most of them deal with pure information and car reviews, some have become gradually more and more sophisticated over the years.

“It’s truly become an equalizer in the shopping and negotiating process,” says about the Internet Chantel Lenard, Ford’s US marketing director.

For now, if you’re still not convinced it is worth skipping several visits to the dealership, where an actual person might drop the price even further and throw in extras, just pay a visit to the following websites. J.D. Power’s 2014 research on car shopping websites crowned as the top contender, but also gave high ratings to, or Kelley Blue Book. You might also want to try out TrueCar, GM’s Stop-Click-Drive and Carvana.