US: what may or may not come in 2015 image

The US economy has been fueled this year by the largest job growth since 1999 and the auto industry has taken its lion share, with what seems like the best sales year in almost 10 years.

Naturally, with continuously low gas prices and the US consumers lining up to buy the big profit-sweeping pickup trucks and SUVs, optimism surrounds all forecasts for 2015. Let’s see now some analytical safe and imagination bold predictions for the year to come. On the safe side we have the continued sales growth, with the majority of forecasters offering 17 million plus figures for the new cars and trucks – the best level since 2005. Another safe bet would be to assume that luxury models would take a larger piece of the pie. Gas prices could become more volatile – as this year’s trend showed us and linked to them would be the continuing low-figures for hybrids and plug-in electric vehicles. And one – unfortunate – but almost certain scenario surrounds the recalls – especially with Takata’s crisis far from over yet.

Taking on the wild guess road now, we could see a pickup truck pricing war coming out next year in an attempt to dent Ford’s profits from the more expensive to produce F-150 with aluminum extensive body. And on the bold side we could see another major merger this year – possibly Volkswagen asking for the FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) keys.