US: what to do when your car gets recalled image

With the incredible amount of safety recalls this year, in the US alone amounting to a record 40 million cars, chances are you or someone you know will receive a safety-related service notice.

So, for many US citizens, the true question is – what to do if my car gets recalled? First of all, don’t panic – your car is not necessarily involved in a deadly issue related recall. Second, and the most important – don’t treat it lightly and don’t ignore the notice. Experts do say that even minor issues could one day become major, life-threatening defects if they are not properly dealt with. And don’t jump in the car and drive to the closest service – it doesn’t work that way.

Actually, if you get a notice in the mail, all the information on how to diligently solve the problem is inside. The papers will tell you what’s wrong with your car and if there are any hazards – including injury and life-threatening ones. It also gives you heads up on possible warnings from the car related to the issue, how the automaker is fixing the defect and especially when. The notice also includes information on when the necessary repair is available and how long it will take, as well as the necessary steps on what to do next – which usually involves a service dealer’s appointment.