US: which are the most coveted technology features in autos? image

According to the findings of the J.D. Power’s 2015 Tech Choice Study, the five most desirable technologies for automobiles are blind-spot detection, night vision, enhanced collision mitigation, rearview cameras and self-healing paint.

The findings of the study could go against popular opinion that smartphone connections and infotainment systems with touchscreens would be the most popular high-tech features in cars today. It appears that the vast majority of interviewed respondents believed safety was a more important overall feature – since four of the five most desired features were safety-enhancing functions. The survey, made in the US between January and March 2015, asked the right questions a total of 5,300 drivers who purchased or leased a new vehicle in the past half decade. Blind-spot prevention came in first, with 40 percent; then night vision followed with 33 percent and third on the list was the enhanced collision mitigation feature with 30 percent. Fourth and fifth came in the rearview cameras – which enhance both comfort and safety and self-healing paint, a feature that is not yet as common as the other four. “There is tremendous interest in collision-protection technologies across all generations, which creates opportunities,” commented Kristin Kolodge, Power’s executive director of driver interaction research.

When it comes to the worst technologies, the ones that most drivers would not think of ordering, the classification had systems that monitor health and wellness (9 percent view it as a priority), followed by hand-gesture controls, biometric driver sensors and touchscreens with tactile feedback – all three standing in at 8 percent.