US: which are the safest states for driving? image

A report from the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute comes to answer our query; with its findings concluding that the safest place to drive is in the District of Columbia and Massachusetts.

At the other end of the spectrum we can find the Southeast region, while the state of Michigan – home to the Detroit three automakers – is somewhere in the middle, with 938 road deaths in 2012, a 17% decrease over the figures of 2005, which is as far as the research extends. The very small District of Columbia had just 15 fatalities in 2012.

“Since 2005, road safety in the U.S. has improved substantially,” said Michael Sivak, director of sustainable transportation at UMTRI. “I expect that there are many factors influencing the patterns that I obtained,” Sivak added. “I hope to do a formal analysis of the causative factors in the near future.”

The study analyzed data in between 2005 and 2012, with the report finding that road fatalities dipped around 23% in that period. For the fatality rate per each 1 billion miles driven, D.C. once more leads the pack, with a 4.2 figure, followed by Massachusetts with 6.24 fatalities. The worst performers are the states of West Virginia (17.63); South Carolina (17.6) and Montana (17.25). The District of Columbia also led the fatalities per 1,000 persons ratio, with just 2.37 deaths.