US: White House introduces new program designed to make car tires safer, more efficient image

The US government has started the roll out of a new tyre program that mulls US consumers buying tires that would allow their cars to get better mileage and improve safety.

The strategy is not surprising, considering that on the Old Continent the European Union has already imposed a rather similar program that uses consumer electronics-style labels to highlight some of the safety and efficiency characteristics of new tires. The US program is designed to encourage buyers of low rolling resistance tires, which cost more upfront but then bring economies from increased fuel economy.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that even if just 10% of replacement tires sold in the United States would be of the lower rolling resistance type, owners could save more than $200 million in fuel costs and further cut the carbon footprint by 690,000 tones annually. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx announced the new program –which still needs a formal rule making, planned to be finished by 2017 – at a White House event. The Obama administration also plans to make December the tire safety month, as it worked with tire makers, retailers and oil and gas companies to highlight safety advantages of correct tire inflation, balance, alignment and rotation.

Via Reuters