US: Why drivers should care about their car insurance image

Even if the car industry is putting a lot of money into advertising to attract drivers into paying for car insurances or change their auto insurance company, it seems that their tactics are not enough for consumers to do so.

A survey conducted for is stating that an average U.S. driver has not changed their insurance company in 12 years, and a quarter of them admitted they haven’t done that in 16 years. While 30% of the drivers who responded said that they compare quotes at few years interval, 36% of them answered that they have never looked for the best rates in terms of their car insurances. However, the message is being crossed to drivers out there. Allstate has spent $937.3 million in advertising to promote the parent company and its Esurance division, while State Farm invested $843.9 million into advertising only in 2014. And while these investments don’t seem to pay off for the brands willing to put themselves out there, who seems to be missing out the most is the consumer – yes, you, the driver.

A senior analyst from explained that most people shop for insurances only when they move or purchase a new car, but data indicates that rate do fluctuate even when there are no major changes taking place in their lives. You should also know that even if you had paid for six months or a year of your insurance, the company would give you back the money if you decide to switch carriers. So, if “Hit me baby, one more time” by Britney Spears was playing on the radio when you chose your car insurance the last time, it is for sure time to look out there and see what better deals are suitable for you.

By Gabriela Florea