US: worries about car-hacking augmented after second related FCA recall image

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV, the third largest US carmaker and the seventh biggest in the world, has had the unfortunate honor of being the first company in the world to recall vehicles because of a car hacking threat.

Now the automaker ahs another unfortunate honor, because the second safety campaign related to the car-hacking issues again has them up front – just six weeks after the first one. Their autos are again vulnerable to malevolent hacking attempts and also showcase those worried about vulnerabilities were right to be concerned – increasingly augmented vehicles have such sophisticated electronics that can render malevolent individuals able to tamper with their operation. The latest issue is only affecting a limited number of autos – almost 8,000 2015 Jeep Renegade SUVs and according to FCA the safety campaign has been issued to “protect connected vehicles from remote manipulation,” meaning in other words the threat is very serious.

The first recall involved a lot more vehicles – around 1.4 million autos – and allowed, according to a test done by “friendly” hackers for Wired Magazine, the remote control of the vehicle from afar. But the problems highlight how modern vehicles are becoming “computers on wheels” –meaning they have the same computing power and issues: they can do lots more things than before but they can also be subjected to malevolent intentions. That means a “back” door might be opened to vehicles, and we all know that computer hacking has had tremendous influence over our society – constant threats have delivered numerous solutions but the hackers many times seem to be one step ahead of the solution.

Via Bloomberg