UT Study Highlights VW’s Chattanooga Plant Positive Impact on the Tennessee Valley image

According to a new study from the University of Tennessee focuses on the impact Volkswagen’s Chattanooga plant has on the Tennessee Valley.

According to the report, VW has created 12,400 full-time jobs at the Chattanooga plant, which brings an annual income of $643.1 million. VW’s investment in the plant has also reflected on the local and state governments, as the state’s local governments got $22.3 million in additional revenue and Tennessee received $31.2 million, related to VW’s arrival.

VW has 2,415 employees and pays a direct income to its workers of $159.2 million, not including the fringe benefits. Last year the German automaker bought $233.6 million from Tennessee-located companies, representing more than 60% of the automaker’s total supplier purchases.

The study also mentions VW’s contributions made to the Land Trust, Urban League, March of Dimes and the Red Cross. The German automaker’s sustainable measures were also praised, as the automaker managed to considerably reducecosts through its sustainably designed paint shop, the wastewater savings, for which it received the LEED Platinum Certification.

VW is expected to soon take e decision whether it will manufacture its SUV at the Chattanooga plant, after the automaker said in March that the plant can add a new assembly line.

Source: wrcbtv.com