Since the beginning of the year, Valeo has equipped the Mercedes SLS AMG with its dual direct drive wiper system, a world first.

This innovative system offers four major benefits in terms of volume, weight, safety and optimized wiping.

The elimination of the linkage enables greater under-hood packaging possibilities and offers automakers greater freedom for installation and assembly. The wipers are directly powered by the output shafts from two motors, each located under the hood near the windshield.

The absence of linkage reduces the size and weight of the system by around 30% compared to a traditional system, equivalent to a gain of 0.17g CO2/km.

The lighter weight and the location of the two motors on either side of the vehicle also improve pedestrian safety, by reducing the effect of the impact in the event of a head-on collision.

Wiping and wiper speed are electronically controlled and synchronized for optimized performance.


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