Vans and trucks market grows 19.1 percent in the UK in November image

Van and truck registrations in the United Kingdom in November increased by 19.1 percent to 27,187 units, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) today announced.

In the first eleven months of the year, vans and trucks deliveries totaled 300,331, up 18.6 percent year-to-date. Van registrations were up 18.6 percent to 22,684 units in November, for a total of 258,824 (+17.7 percent) in the first eleven months of 2011. Truck registrations grew 21.5 percent to 4,503 in November and a total of 41,507 (+24.4 percent) in the first eleven months of the year.

“November saw the commercial vehicle market continue on its upward trend with demand up 19.1%. Both the van and truck market saw growth, reflecting sustained investment in new vehicles by businesses,” said Paul Everitt, SMMT Chief Executive. He expects further growth in December and in early 2011, as London’s new Low Emission Zone comes into effect on January 3, requiring drivers of older vans and trucks to upgrade their vehicles or pay a daily fee.

The categories with highest volumes were vans above 2 tons, pickups and 4×4 utilities. For the first time since February 2009, vans surpassed the 250,000-unit mark, reaching 258,824 units with one month to go.