Vauxhall will reveal a new VXR Astra GTC image

Vauxhall has just announced the developing of a high-performance VXR of its Astra GTC, which will be a carbon copy of the GTC Paris concept car presented last year in France.

The new VXR will produce around 295 BHP and will probably set new standards for performance and acceleration in its segment.

The manufacturer will fit the new VXR with larger brakes and a louder exhaust system. Vauxhall will also offer in standard the FlexRide system, which gives three sporty driving modes, with a special “VXR” mode that will provide sharper handling and will also reduce input from the electronic stability system.

According to Auto Express News, the new VXR will also get 20 inch alloy wheels and sport bucket seats. The Astra VXR is expected to match the likes of the Renault Sport Megane or the Volkswagen Scirocco R.

Vauxhall Astra GTC VXR will be available for its customers next year, when it will hit the dealerships. Prices and specifications remain currently unknown.