Verizon connects older cars with new product image

The age of the connected car is almost upon us, with drivers already having wireless built-in connections inside their vehicles and with automakers and service providers envisioning a world where cars can talk to each other.

But before that happens we should remember that even if every car sold from now on would be connected to the Internet of Things, there would still be hundreds of millions already in use that don’t. And because it’s a vast market that can bring huge profits, there are companies that seek to change that situation – such as Verizon Communications Inc, The provider recently announced an Internet and wireless car service that can be used by motorists with older cars to get assistance if the car has a problem or learn in advance about repairs and needed maintenance.

The wireless service provider made the announcement during the 2015 edition of the North American International Show in Detroit, saying that its “Verizon Vehicle” service would be offered to customers in the US starting with the second quarter of the year, with the subscription-based service being offered on cars that can date back as far as 1996. According to Erik Goldman, president of Verizon Telematics, “there’s a lot of talk of the value of vehicles being connected in the market today but unfortunately there is a number of vehicles, roughly 200 million, that don’t have the availability of those services,” adding that the company’s new product would be offered for a monthly service charge of $15.

Via Reuters