Jul.4 (GMM/Inautonews.com) Max Verstappen has ridiculed the importance of the global fan survey commissioned by his fellow F1 drivers.

The 17-year-old is not a member of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association, and told Algemeen Dagblad newspaper he has no intention of joining.

And he said his anti-GPDA stance has only been reinforced in recent weeks following a couple of stoushes in the media about his driving tactics.

“GPDA stands for ‘racing united’,” said the Dutchman. “But when other drivers are criticising as much as they are in the media, I think ‘Why would you join it?’

“You pay for it and nothing happens then what is the value? And do you really think they are going to listen to a boy of 17, with all of those egos?”

The strong stance is, however, astonishing for what is the youngest ever driver in formula one, but perhaps not when he is often compared to an early Ayrton Senna.

As for the recent criticism directed at him by rival drivers, Verstappen insisted: “I honestly don’t care what other people say.

“I do my own thing, my own job,” added Max, whose equally-spirited father was in F1 known as ‘Jos the Boss’.

Verstappen jr said he does not regret taking a strong stance against the critics, as they now know he is not a pushover, and “That’s important”.

As for the GPDA’s global fan survey, he dismissed the significance of the results.

“I think that sort of thing is pointless. So much is often discussed, but nothing ever happens. It’s been like that for years.

“And if anything is going to change, I don’t think it’s going to be because of the GPDA,” Verstappen insisted.


  1. First wordt of max , in F1 my age is not important. Now he hides behind it. Furthermore i think that when you have a survey of 217000 fans you should have a bit more tact. Espacially when the fans from 194 countries took part and nummer 6 top down participants where from the netherlands mad max country

    • He didn’t hide behind his age? ” And do you really think they are going to listen to a boy of 17, with all of those egos?” just clear common-sense to me. Just the way a lot of drivers still think of him, Grosjean, Massa and who knows more. He just is wise and recognise this.
      Nothing wrong with his choice, because it is his own, and only to make by him.
      Not by you not by me ore any F1 fan in general.


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