Very special 2009 Porsche 911 GT2 in PTS Orange up for grabs image

You may want to remember this model from the Porsche stable – even with all the special series the German automaker makes this one was pretty unique back in the day.

The reason is simple – the 911 GT2 took the Turbo, added even more power and got rid of the all wheel drive setup in favor of the classic rear-wheel drive version. This is no wonder this 997-generation 911 GT2 is going to be sold for a rather phenomenal price. This particular 2009 911 GT2 has found its way into the courtyard of a Porsche dealer from Texas, US – and it can be yours if you can afford parting ways with $410, 000. The unit here is even more special due to its Paint To Sample Orange hue found outside and inside – just 23 vehicles in GT2 form reached the United States and only two of them carried this PTS shade. And you may also want to take another look at it because it’s in pristine condition, with just 2,400 miles on its odometer complete with a full service history.

The price of $410,000 might not sound that enticing but we all know that over the years it will actually increase in value. Anyways, the model packed back in the day 530 horsepower, which may not sound too much in 2016 but remember it’s a manual drive and RWD that has no electronic bells and whistles to keep you safe when you’re trying to impress the missus.